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PPE Certified Face Mask

Bulk buy medical grade, PPE approved, disposable face masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by protecting your staff and customer base.


    Our medical grade face masks are approved PPE, CE certified and conform to EU Standard EN14683:2019 Type I.

    Designed to prevent the wearer from spreading droplets in the immediate area and to protect them from droplets produced by someone directly in front of them. These face masks are able to filter out not only bacteria, but allergens, dust, saliva and harmful pollutants.

    These unisex disposable face masks are one size fits all and consist of three layers of non-woven fabric to protect the face, nose and mouth and is fitted with elastic loops that simply fit over the ear. It is very light weight at only 3.1 grams and can be easily carried around everyday.

    Our masks come in boxes of 50 and are polybagged inside the box.

    When and where should these masks be used?

    These disposable masks can be used effectively day to day in public for personal use and for travelling on public transport. These masks can also be worn in the work place such as health & beauty Salons, care homes, Doctors and Dentists.

    Please note they are not suitable for use in surgical applications such as operations. These require a Type II or Type III Mask.

    What is Type I?

    Type I is a classification within EN 14683:2019. Type I medical masks have a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of a minimum of 95%. N.B. Subject to conditions, the mask may not protect the wearer from 100% of the very small particles which could contain the virus.